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Every Batch made from Scratch with Real Butter, Real Chocolate, Quality Ingredients, Love and expertise.

Quality CAKES and other stuff

We at Cakes and other stuff always use REAL, QUALITY INGREDIENTS.
Only the best is good enough.

No Mixes just REAL CAKE

We, at Cakes and other stuff DON’T use mixes!

We make everything the good ol’ fashioned way!

Better for you in taste and quality.

No skimping on costs.

Passionate about CAKE

We are Passionate about BAKING, every CAKE, (and other stuff) is made with love and care.

Please Kindly Note That all prices quote are “from” and not final prices. Final prices are quoted depending on the size, flavours, cake decoration and other factors involved. Prices are subject to change without prior notice as ingredients and costs may increase before the website is updated so the final price given will always be in force. E&O.E. Props, Decoration and Photoshoot Material are not included in the price. Please verify with us if you are unsure about anything.

Vintage Cake  #cakes and other stuff
Vintage Lady_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
Kiddies and Adult Birthday Cakes  #cakes and other stuff
#TrendCakes #DripCakes  #cakes and other stuff
Drip Cakes_Drippy Succulence_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
#TrendCakes #Fault Line Cakes  #cakes and other stuff
TrendCakes_Glam Faultline_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
Embroider Cake - Feminine and Elegant in Blushing Pink  #cakes and other stuff
Blushing Bride_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
Art Lover #TikTok Lover  #cakes and other stuff
Art MeetsTikTok_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
Off White Brand Fan  #cakes and other stuff
Liverpool Football Club - You Never Walk Alone  #cakes and other stuff
Korean Minimalist Trend Cake  #cakes and other stuff
Korean Minimalist Cake_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
Harry Potter Philosopher Stone   #cakes and other stuff
Happ ee Birth Dae Harry  #cakes and other stuff
Happee Birth Dae Harry_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
50 Shades of green staggered layered cake  #cakes and other stuff
50 Shades of Green_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
Modern Cake with silver leaf, sugar techniques and a lovely vibrant flower  #cakes and other stuff
#Trend Cakes #Unicorn - Luna the UniqueHorn #koeksister #koeksuster #southafrica  #cakes and other stuff
#gaming #fortnite  #cakes and other stuff
bohemian minimalist cake  #cakes and other stuff
#DC Comics #Marvel #Superman #Batman #Avengers #Birthday Cupcakes # SuperHeroes  #cakes and other stuff
travel and tours, around the world in 80 days #cakes  #cakes and other stuff
Around the World_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
avengers cake  #cakes and other stuff
Avengers Assemble_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
#burfee #cake  #cakes and other stuff
#edible notebook cake, art, butterflies  #cakes and other stuff
Butterfly Fly Away_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
cake cubed, marble, gold leaf, fault line  #cakes and other stuff
cake cubed, marble, gold leaf, fault line  #cakes and other stuff
cake cubed, marble, silver leaf, fault line, concrete, crackle, art  #cakes and other stuff
drip cake, succulents, trend cake  #cakes and other stuff
Dripping in Finesse_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
eat, love, cake, feminine power  #cakes and other stuff
less is more cake and chocolate  #cakes and other stuff
Less is More_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
tech cake for IT GUYS, laptop, motherboard, mouse, ic, sticky note, chips  #cakes and other stuff
forest meets fairy meets woodlands cake  #cakes and other stuff
Mystical Forest_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
yellow daisy cake  #cakes and other stuff
Oopsy Daisy_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
chocolate and mint cake  #cakes and other stuff
pink princess cake for princess aurora  #cakes and other stuff
Princess Aurora_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
ferrari  cake  #cakes and other stuff
pink ombre rose cake  #cakes and other stuff
borg cube cake, star trek cake  #cakes and other stuff
Star Trek_TheBorg_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
ertugrul cake, kayi, hatun  #cakes and other stuff
ultra violet cupcake anyone?  #cakes and other stuff
layered chocolate cake wrapped in even more chocolate  #cakes and other stuff
Wrapped in Chocolate_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net
sweet but psycho psychedelic hypnotic skull cake  #cakes and other stuff
Sweet but Psycho_cakes&otherstuff@cakealot.net

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