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Need to order something special? We’ve got you covered.. check out our Instagram Page @noorunnisakola

Need to order something special?

We’ve got you covered.. check out our Instagram Page @noorunnisakola

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Some less-mainstream Flavours you might like to try:

Brown sugar spice cake with a tangy cranberry filling
Cinnamon swirled vanilla with cheesecake mousse
Espresso with white chocolate icing
Chai tea with vanilla filling
Butter pecan with biscotti filling
Earl Grey with lavender filling
Pineapple with passionfruit filling
Butterscotch with tangerine filling
Pistachio and vanilla
Mocha with tiramisu cream
Lemon basil with strawberry cream cheese filling
Dark chocolate espresso with white chocolate filling and chai frosting
Vanilla with passionfruit filling and pineapple coconut frosting
Barone with fudge filling and s’mores frosting
Peanut butter with pecan pie filling and toffee frosting
Spice cake with brown apple butter filling and cinnamon frosting
Pecan with toffee apple frosting and almond Rocca filling

Home is where the CAKE is. Why not take our CAKE home with you? We would love to Bake You Something You Love, Why Not Give us a Call or WhatsApp us on +27724149337. We Specialise in Custom Made Cakes, Novelty Cakes, Wedding Cakes and Bespoke Cakes. We also make Cupcakes, Desserts, Dessert Cakes, Individual Mini Cakes, Our Very Own Original Slabs including Burfee Slabs – our best seller as well as many other tasty options. Please View Some our Lovely Baked Goods Here.

DO YOU HAVE SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS? If so, Please Let us Know Before Placing Your Order So we Can Cater to your needs and quote accordingly.

Having A Wedding, Birthday Party or Celebration of any kind? Remember you can always count on Cakes and Other Stuff by CAKEALOT.NET to take care of all your sweet needs.

Place an Order. Please Kindly Note that Orders must be placed a minimum of three weeks, that is, 21 working days before the date for which it is required. Changes made to orders will incur new prices and result in a new quotation. Orders will be classified accepted when the order has been finalised, paid for and cleared in our account, after which no changes can be made and orders cannot be cancelled.